The Firm

Dan W. Stansbury, Jr. (Co-Founder)

Dan Stansbury, Jr.
Dan has been in the real estate business for over twenty-five years in multiple Texas markets.

Since graduating from Southern Methodist University, Dan has been involved in all aspects of property ownership including asset acquisition and disposition, program financing, project leasing, and property management. He has been responsible for these assets via numerous family partnerships.

In addition to actively managing these assets, Dan has vast experience as a passive investor in multiple commercial real estate investments. He has participated in numerous apartment developments, residential lot developments, skilled nursing developments as well as various non-real estate related activities.

With his passive investor experience, Dan understands the interests and expectations of the equity investor. His experience in partnership structure assists in the pursuit of these investment opportunities and gives him the working knowledge necessary to address each asset's needs.

Steven J. Mancillas (Co-Founder)

Steve Mancillas
Steven has been in the commercial real estate business for over twenty-eight years in Texas.

Since graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, Steven has been engaged in the prudent placement of private equity into commercial real estate investments across the state of Texas.

Utilizing funds sourced from private families, both U.S. domestic and foreign, his transaction history includes multiple property types in various Texas markets. The primary objective for each acquisition was not only the timely placement of discretionary funds, but also the creation and implementation of an investment plan.

His experience includes identifying the appropriate assets; underwriting the existing financial condition juxtaposed to competing product in the market; assessing the prospective property’s immediate and future capital needs; selecting the management/leasing team that could execute the property’s business plan; negotiating the acquisition of these assets including but not limited to any debt structure that may be required; asset managing the various relationships, and ultimately executing an exit strategy once the property is re-positioned.